Dr. Adel Fathi

  • Professor of Oncology and Endoscopic Surgery at Mansoura University.
  • Deputy Director of the Oncology Center at Mansoura University.
  • Member of the European Society of Surgical Oncology.
  • He holds a diploma in laparoscopic surgery from the University of Strasbourg, France.
  • He holds a diploma and fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery from India.


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Medical Tourism

Advantages of medical tourism

With Dr. Adel Fathi

At Dr. Adel Fathi’s clinics, we offer an integrated program for patients coming from abroad. We provide them with all their needs throughout the treatment journey. From booking the flight and hotel accommodation to medical care before and after treatment and surgery until they return to their country again.

Patient opinions

Truly the smartest and greatest doctor, may God bless him.

Faten Awed

An excellent doctor who pays attention to every little thing that concerns the patient and has a high degree of knowledge

Al-Saeed A

‘Praise be to God, he met me with the utmost respect, and he reassured me of my illness, and may God reward him well

Mohamed A

Dr. Adel, may God protect him and bless him. A good listener, very reassuring in simplifying the situation and containing the fear accompanying the patient. Not being stingy in any other guidance, even if it is not the same specialty. Psychological comfort is what any patient needs and is afraid he will find there, God willing. Thank you, Dr. Adel.

Wissam p

A smart doctor, he has a light heart, he listens well and reassures you ❤️

Shymaa A