About Dr

Dr. Adel Fathi

  • – Professor of Oncology and Endoscopic Surgery – Oncology Center – Mansoura University.
  • – Deputy Director of the Oncology Center – Mansoura University.
  • – Member of the European Society of Surgical Oncology.
  • – He holds a diploma in laparoscopic surgery from the University of Strasbourg – France.
  • – He holds a diploma and fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery in India.

Why are we the best?

At Dr. Adel Fathi clinics, We care about each patient’s condition individually, Starting from the stage of detection and diagnosis until ensuring his recovery, We are keen to provide the best medical care during this trip.

Professionalism and privacy for every situation

We create a special case file for each patient that includes the problem he suffers from and the steps for treating it. No one else can view this file

Continuous communication with patients at all times

Dr. Adel Fathi’s clinics provide emergency communication means to follow up on patients immediately. And the symptoms or complications that may occur before or after surgery.

Various therapeutic methods and techniques

We are keen to provide various methods and therapeutic methods, Surgical and non-surgical, To help our patients recover from their illness in the most appropriate way for their condition.

Medical Tourism

Advantages of medical tourism

With Dr. Adel Fathi

At Dr. Adel Fathi’s clinics, we offer an integrated program for patients coming from abroad. We provide them with all their needs throughout the treatment journey. From booking the flight and hotel accommodation to medical care before and after treatment and surgery until they return to their country again.

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