General laparoscopic surgeries

Sometimes the digestive system is affected by diseases that are difficult to treat with medications. In this case, the only solution is surgical intervention and removal of the organ to help the patient get rid of the pain

Endocrine surgeries

The glands secrete many hormones responsible for regulating vital processes in the body. Therefore, when you suffer from a defect that cannot be treated, the functions and organs of the body are negatively affected. This forces the doctor to completely remove the gland in order to preserve the life of the affected person

Laparoscopic gynecological oncology surgeries

Gynecological oncology surgery means surgical operations aimed at removing tumors of the female reproductive organ. Causing feeling With severe pain and constant bleeding

Breast tumor surgeries and early detection of breast tumors

At Dr. Adel Fathi’s clinics, we have the latest diagnostic equipment for benign and malignant breast tumors. We also provide all the necessary techniques to treat it


Laparoscopic surgeries for gastrointestinal tumors

Gastrointestinal tumor surgeries aim to remove all abnormal tissues growing in any organ of the digestive system. Through limited laparoscopic intervention that does not require making large surgical incisions in the abdomen.

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    Do not be lazy to consult a doctor

    Early detection contributes to raising the success rates of various surgical interventions. Therefore, do not delay in consulting a specialist doctor and conducting the necessary tests in preparation for surgery.